My Story

My story began in entertainment marketing, evolved into copywriting and has continued to expand into coaching.

I’ve owned my copywriting business since 2004 and have had the good fortune to work with large and small businesses to create content with impact.

The act of writing is solitary, but it takes full on collaboration to ensure I nail the message. Having the chance to partner with clients to distill their message, then amplify it – that’s what I love about my work as a writer.

Being creative and open to expansion can lead to a powerful place – Impact.

As a coach, I’m trained in the Co-Active method which holds that every individual has what they need to go where they want to go.

The focus of my coaching practice is working with creative professionals seeking more from their work/life. Often, they are in transition or are simply interested in making a change that will lead to more fully expand toward their true potential.

As a creative professional, I appreciate that space and would love the opportunity to work together to get you where you want to grow.


If you’re curious and interested in learning more about the process, I’d love to hear from you.

Mary Anne Melear